How can I get rid of the scar caused by stitches?

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Farhan Mirajkar

Q. When I was 5 years old, I slipped suddenly while climbing a wall. My left cheek was poked and cut by a metal fence on the wall. It was very severe and a lot of blood oozed out from the wound. I was taken to the hospital immediately. The doctor gave 14 5titche on my left cheek to seal the hole. I am 20 years old now and I have a scar on the left cheek caused due to the stitches. The scar is about one-and-a-half inches long and resembles the alphabet ‘J’.I do not have any itching or pain in that area and the stitches were removed. But they have left a mark on my cheek. Why did this happen? How can I get rid of this scar? Is there any medical or cosmetic treatment for this? Can any beauty parlour or health club help me get rid of this mark? Should I go for plastic surgery? What would be the cost? Can laser treatment heal this? Is plastic surgery the only solution?

A. This is a common problem. The scars of a wound or stitches are permanent but if done with great care initially, they can be minimal. The scars are of the wound as well as the cross-hatches of stitches. The scars can be reduced by plastic surgery wherein their thickness and size is reduced and they are placed in such a way that they would not be very apparent. Health clubs and cosmetic clinics will not help but you could camouflage the scar with the help of some cosmetics. However, if it is depressed or elevated then it needs to be corrected. Laser can help smoothen the skin a little more after scar revision is done to give you an added advantage.


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