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Farhan Mirajkar

 Hot Bear at ACL 2005

 Being a typical female I have saved the best for the last ‘men’ I just cannot end my article without a word on Men and Chivalry now can I?

 Besides all their other misgivings Men are wonderful human beings! And Chivalry is not dead.

 Many women believe that chivalry is dead; it’s a thing of the past etc well as far as I know I don’t believe chivalry is dead and it is never going to be a thing of the past.

 Men should be men and women should be women. There is a lot of grace and glory in both genders. Women can encourage Chivalry in men by being women! Since the time I was knee high I remember men (boys) want to go out of their way to do things for me. Way back in school helping with my homework, carry my school bag even when I did not ask, protecting me from the hot sun on our way home from school, bringing me chocolates and toffees (they still do) and things like that and. through out as life went on, men have been wonderful to me. The men in my life have gone out of their way to be helpful and protective toward me more often than not.

Tip: To bring out male responsibilities in men toward us; we women just need to be women .

 This article is a tribute to the real men in my life past present and always. It is my way to thank them for being there for me in my life. Be it my Father or brothers, my precious son who is the strength and pride of my life and who I love more than life itself. to my male colleagues and male friends in school college and work place who made me believe that I am a ‘beautiful’ woman and none of them even know how much their ‘compliments’ and friendship added to my confidence, and helped in shaping up the woman I am. And finally to the one man I may have loved much more than I should have. Through that experience I learnt an important truth about human nature that changed my perception of people forever.

 To move on with this topic I must acknowledge the times when men, complete strangers showed eagerness to help me. For example; during my constant travels at the airports I usually have trouble with my heavy bags as I am a crazy shopper! my over flowing shopping bags were always a burden to me and invariably some wonderful man or the other would show up from somewhere (probably watching me struggling with the heavy bags) and help me out.. One time, one wonderful guy tied my shoelaces in the middle of ‘the dance floor lest I trip and fall. Then there are times and this happens all the time when men stop traffic by stopping their car in the middle of the road to let me cross the street, makes me think and realize how wonderful and thoughtful they can be. It is glorious to experience these things men do for us Women in ways that only they know how. The way they go out of their way to make sure we are comfortable. These are just a few among the numerous such wonderful incidents I can mention here, when men proved to me how wonderful they truly are towards woman, even towards those they do not know personally.

Tip: Men do have feelings too! And I have discovered that in many positive ways their feelings are stronger than women.

 I admire many things about men, including their kindness, their strength, their vulnerability, the endearing ways they Want to please us Women! Their sensitivity and how deeply they care about the people that matter to them. They have feelings they are human beings like us. (And no! their feelings are not just focused below the waist they have feelings above the waist too!!!)

 So yes certifiably yes! As long as there are ‘Men’ wonderful Men! On this planet, Chivalry can never die.

 To encourage and revive chivalry in certain areas, there is something that we Women can do too and must do. It is so easy to make men want to do little things for us for example: rush to open doors for us, pull chairs, help with heavy packages and repair our computers, music systems, change light bulbs etc. The next time you are in such a situation ask him for the help that you need and want. And do not forget to show your gratitude and sincere pleasure towards his courteous acts whether he is from your family, husband, boyfriend or stranger.

 Men need to be appreciated and encouraged to make them want to be there for us when we need them. We just got to let them be men. Allow them to believe they are in control of the ‘situation’ appreciate them, their intelligence and physical strength and encourage them to do things for us to make our lives as women a little easier!

Tip: More than anything Men want women to appreciate them as men. Women who are basically rude, unappreciative, insensitive and aggressive are the ones who kill chivalry in men. When an honest good man’s attention is ignored and unappreciated and taken for granted he looses his eagerness to repeat it.

Tip for men: The sexiest quality in a man is when he feels protective towards a woman with affection, respect and attention to her comfort!

Tip: A man who is selfish self-centered and self-absorbed is the most unappealing and such a man has no sex appeal whatsoever. The way a man treats a woman is where a man’s sex appeal begins and ends.


Tip: Do not hesitate to let a man you care about know when he behaves like a Jerk. Some day he may just feel thankful for it. You’re voicing out your opinion of his bad behavior, or bad choices etc may make him take a look at himself, his behavior etc and it may even help him someday to be a better human being.

 Men behave badly when they get away with it the first time. Do not allow a man you care about to misbehave with you even one single time! This is not just to protect yourself it is also to protect him’

Tip: Be kind and appreciative towards a good man and his actions and show your gratitude, thank him, and smile at him (they love smiles!’), make eye contact, (they love that too!)

 And when you do this it can never. go wrong. As a matter of fact these are the basic needs in every interaction between Men and Women. And one last topmost Tip! Being a little helpless and putting emphasis on our femininity will make any man eager to exercise his masculine responsibilities.

 A word of caution though! Be very careful not to carry ‘helplessness’ to extremes or take advantage of your femininity to get things done or to dump your work on others. Such a woman is not feminine at all; such a woman is manipulative and has got it all wrong. That kind of behavior fools no one and it’s not feminine at all. If you are a simple hearted honest authentic attractive woman you are all right and even magnificent. That’s all that it takes If a man is worth knowing at all he is worth knowing well


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