Skin Beauty And The Use OF Cosmetics

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Farhan Mirajkar

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 We are all born with a perfect skin but rare is a woman who keeps it for as long as she lives. Most women loose it somewhere along their way into adulthood.

 What can the rest do continue reading to find out what you can do to create that overall impression of perfection which includes your skin.

 We have at our disposal every opportunity to achieve a lovely face! Either you go on lamenting to the world that you don’t have what it takes to be a beautiful woman and so you give up and continue feeling defeated before you even give it a try, or you can take advantage of what is available out there for you in this regard.

Topmost Tip! You just need 3 elements to be the owner of a beautiful face!
1. A clear skin
2. Attractive eyes
3. Beautiful lips.

 Even if you have blotches and marks and wrinkles and have an unattractive mouth there are things you can do to improve the appearance of your skin, eyes and mouth this is achievable.

The Beauty industry! Beauty is serious business and there is phenomenal development in the beauty industry all over the world taking place even as we so speak! This is a huge industry and millions of dollars are being invested in developing newer and better cosmetics makeup and skin treatment every now and then. So feel privileged because our mothers and grandmothers did no have it this good!

 The medical researchers put in time and effort to find treatments and cures for every skin & beauty need, that women seek answers and treatments for all over the world. We are the lucky ones to be living in this era of such phenomenal advancement in every aspect of the medical and research world. Where nature left you wanting the Beauty Industry experts out have found effective solutions for your beauty needs, they are doing everything they possibly can to find answers and treatments for everything that nature missed out on. This is serious business (anything we women need and want is important anyway) and the beauty industry knows this, everyone involved stands to gain. We women should really feel lucky and take full advantage of what is available to us now.

 As much as Inner beauty is important so is Outer beauty. Even if it is only ‘skin deep’ it is very important asset and it is absolutely necessary, because even if you are a woman of great character and possess a fabulous personality it all becomes even more attractive when you are physically attractive. The packaging is important and there are no two ways about it.

 If you reject cosmetics, makeup and skin protection you are only fooling yourself are dated and denying your own self the possibility of being more attractive. Please don’t be under the impression that others will consider you a ‘natural beauty’ if you aren’t wearing any makeup. That’s a wrong notion many women have. It certainly does not make others admire you more, if you shun makeup and cosmetics. All you are doing is you are missing out on an important aspect of being a woman. You are not a man, you are a woman and cosmetics/make up is wonderful part of a woman’s life. In fact you can look more natural and beautiful with artful application of minimal makeup rather than none at all When a woman shuns makeup completely, her self-grooming is incomplete.

Tip: About makeup keep it minimal and simple for most of the days. Glam it up a bit if you so please only for evening occasions.

 Something I do sometimes and it always feels good to do this I love to check out new cosmetics, new colors and perfumes at the beauty stores, try at the colors, and make it a fun experiment. I purchase some, reject the rest whatever pleases me it is a pleasurable experience for me and I enjoy it. I can do whatever I want even if it seems rather frivolous to others I make all the choices whether frivolous or serious and I don’t care what anyone has to say about it. Its part of being me and I love that- I am Woman not ‘hulk Hogan’! And I make no bones about it- actually I flaunt it I discovered that I am at my best when I am in touch with the very essence of what makes me! And cosmetics makeup and fashion make an important part of that.

Tip: Do not be under the false illusion that you come across as a ‘natural beauty’ if you shun these wonderful privileges in your life. Shunning make up and fashion displays your lack interest in your own person. It’s unfeminine! Secret; My makeup case is a mysterious riot of colors and fragrance!

 On the other hand if you overuse and abuse cosmetics you are dated, and you are distorting your features rather than improving on them. Such a woman only proves that she has bad taste. Face makeup is not supposed to give you a ‘mask like’ appearance! Face makeup is to enhance your good features and camouflage the less than perfect ones. So use makeup that works for you and not against you! A little makeup completes your personal grooming.

Tip: Use it only where you need it and then blend all over for a flawless finish, and do not forget to pay the same attention to your neck. The rule is highlight your attractive features and draw attention to them and improve work on improving on the less perfect ones, but in the meanwhile distract attention from them by the artful use of low light makeup to make the flaws fade away.

Tip: Do not be afraid to use some makeup. It’s a good idea to learn as many tricks of makeup application as you can even if you do not need to use them yourself. It’s another form of art! Subscribe to a monthly beauty magazine.


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