Why Does The Skin Around My Stitches Itch And Develop Cysts?

Categories:General Health
Farhan Mirajkar

Q. My skin has a tendency to develop cysts in the form of solid lumps, whenever I have some stitches. This looks very awkward. I approached a skin specialist but this could not be treated. I have itching on the affected portion and it continues for a long time. The itching is terrible on the stitches given after my caesarean delivery, which was done one-and-a-half years back. Please advise.

A. This is a condition known as keloid. This is nothing but excess scar tissue which has not stopped forming some people have this tendency. Any surgical intervention for these things will aggravate the situation. Presently, the only widely used form of treatment is an intrakeloidal injection of steroids, which are given when it is active, i.e. when it itches and increases in size. These have to be given carefully and at 15-days intervals 4 or 5 times. Apart from these, you might require some kind of pressure garment, which would also help. Please consult a plastic surgeon who will be able to help you with the problem


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